Pest Management for Hotels

Pest Management

J & L Pest Control has many years of experience conducting pest control services in the hotel industry which has prepared us to develop customize programs that offer the most positive and effective results in regards to the immediate elimination of pest activity.  

Our method of service is an intensive Integrated Pest Management(IPM)program and when required state of the art materials. We provide well-trained state certified applicators and technicians that conduct responsible treatment techniques to provide a safer environment for all our customers including those in the health care industry. We extensively utilize inspection techniques and monitoring devices which maximizes the ability to identify a pest concern before it is noticeable. Our approach may include but would not be limited to any of the following:

  • Inspection
  • Sanitation recommendations
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring
  • Physical removal/trapping of pests
  • Environmental controls
  • Exclusion, repellence, barriers to entry
  • Vacuuming
  • Caulking, screening
  • Cleaning
  • Baiting (insect and rodent)
  • Insecticide treatment

Some advantages of J & L Pest Control Intensive Integrated Pest Management Program are:

  • Proactive Inspection - Three-dimensional inspections are performed to identify conditions conducive to pest harborage areas.
  • Pesticide/Insecticide control measures - Eliminating pest harborages using targeted pesticide/insecticide application methods.
  • It is environmentally sound - Materials are used only at target specific locations for optimal effectiveness.
  • The program utilizes - direct and indirect suppression techniques to control pest populations with no interference to patients, visitors or employees.
  • Safety around high tech equipment - Strategic placement of materials will not damage medical equipment, computers, fax machines, food preparation equipment or any other piece of sophisticated equipment.
  • The quality of the environment is enhanced - Eliminating pests while ensuring that your health is protected. 

By utilizing Integrated Pest Management procedures we utilize baits before liquid pesticides thus reducing the amount of chemicals being used in your facility.  By reducing the pesticides used within your facility, it also reduces the risk of an allergic reaction from a patient, an employee, or a visitor and also prevents product contamination.  The use of fewer pesticides also creates a safer working environment for your co-workers and makes their working environment more productive.

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